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Dairy Free Coconut Fudge

Luxuriously smooth and creamy. Hand crafted fudge made with natural Australian ingredients. 


Your fudge is best consumed at room temperature. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or in the fridge. Best consumed within 3 days of opening. Enjoy!


Fudge Affairs was established in 2019 by fudge lovers Karl and Justine. A young West Australian couple with a love for fresh food, natural flavours and our beautiful outdoors. Fudge Affairs is about traditional old style fudge made with modern flavours and natural local ingredients. Bringing you the finest tasting fudge whilst supporting local growers and farmers and minimising the impact to the environment.  


Size: 100g 


Ingredients: Sugar (cane), Coconut Milk (water, coconut cream), Coconut Butter (organic coconut), Vegan Block (shea butter, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, almond butter, carrot juice, lemon juice), Salt.


Allergy Info: Gluten free, Egg free, Contains Almonds and potentially traces of other nuts. 

Dairy Free Coconut Fudge

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